Brandi Harless, MPH, Co-founder/CEO (Left)

Brandi is a Public Health Professional, former Director of free health clinic in western Kentucky, former Innovation Director at an entrepreneurial development organization, and has a deep understanding of social and health issues facing those in poverty and rural areas. She has the knowledge and training in the startup process and is combining her understanding of public health and behavior change with business strategy. Brandi is a graduate of Vanderbilt and Boston Universities. 

Jay Campbell, Co-founder/Chief Technology Officer  (Center)

Jay is a serial mobile tech entrepreneur with successful exits, iPhone and iPad app developer and instructor. He has direct and extensive experience working on both the server side, and the customer facing side of apps, from database administration to web service integration to implementation of user interface on iPhone and iPad. His specialties include iOS, Cocoa, Core Data, Linux Sysadmin.

Natalie Hodge MD FAAP, Co-founder/Chief Medical Officer (Right)

Dr. Hodge has been a Practicing Pediatrician Physician for over 10 years, is the Mom of type 1 diabetic child, and experienced in working with adults with chronic illnesses in rural western Kentucky. Her time serving children and working in rural areas has given her insight into the difficulties of behavior change and the importance of maintaining a simple strategy to improve health and help patients make slow steady behavior changes. She has also served on physician advisor boards of major health startups like Doximity and Healthtap.  Dr. Hodge is a graduate of Murray State, University of Kentucky and Washington University.